Ask me Anything – October 2019

October 2019 | Webinars & Podcasts

In this Ask me Anything webinar, Future-Fit co-founder, Geoff Kendall, answers questions around the role financial institutions must play to usher in a Future-Fit Society, how companies can reconcile their corporate purpose with a flourishing future and much more. The questions raised and corresponding time marks are included below, for you to skip around as questions pertain to your interest and experiences.

0:11 – Should we elevate or prioritise any one of the Break-Even Goals over the others in order to drive significant progress across the board?

7:33 – Should the finance sector be the first to adopt the Benchmark given their importance in driving the global economy?

12:33 – How can we incorporate the Benchmark into university curriculum?

18:00 – What industries will you be covering for the goal prioritization exercise you mentioned?

18:45 – How can high impact industries, such as construction, be framing their activities with the Positive Pursuits lens?

26:55 – There are some businesses models which are more difficult to reorient purpose to usher in a Future-Fit Society. Where do you see these kinds of companies fitting into the bigger picture?

30:18 – If all companies were to become Future-Fit, would there be a role for NGOs and charities in such a future?

34:09 – Have financial institutions progressed in terms of their thinking around corporate environmental and social performance?