Ask me Anything – Certified Professionals

September 2019 | Webinars & Podcasts

This recording is compilation of the two inaugural “Ask me Anything” webinars held on September 11, 2019. Certified Professionals posed questions to the Future-Fit co-founders, Martin Rich and Geoff Kendall covering a variety of topics. The questions raised and corresponding time marks are included below, for you to skip around as questions pertain to your interest and experiences.


0:18 Future-Fit is readily and easily applicable to corporates, such as those in manufacturing. How can Future-Fit be applied or used by financial institutions, specifically a pension fund? Answered by Martin Rich

10:42 Will the industry-level Health Checks you spoke about be done at a generic level – i.e. a typical company within a sector that is functioning business as usual? Answered by Martin Rich

18:20 If you were pitching to a company that is well versed in sustainability reporting, and specifically GRI, what would you say are the benefits of using Future-Fit as well, or instead? Answered by Martin Rich

23:28 Could you delve into the affiliations Future-Fit has with universities and other key platforms, such as SASB? Answered by Martin Rich

42:58 What materials should I be using to introduce Future-Fit to potential clients? Answered by Geoff Kendall

45:34 What kinds of companies should we be introducing Future-Fit to? Who is likely to be most receptive? Answered by Geoff Kendall

51:55 How do you convince a company to enter into sustainability discussions and/or potentially rethink its business model when current market dynamics are not necessarily rewarding that kind of behaviour? Answered by Geoff Kendall

57:31 Once a company has bought into Future-Fit and wants to use it as a framework, how should a sustainability consultant be helping that company with the actual implementation? Answered by Geoff Kendall

1:08:33 When helping a company to implement Future-Fit, one of the biggest barriers is the collection and recording of data. What can we do to make that data collection easier for a client? Answered by Geoff Kendall

1:13:04 When speaking about Future-Fit, how should I be framing it in comparison to other third party initiatives? How do they align, where do they differ and what kind of rhetoric should I be using? Answered by Geoff Kendall